When it comes to the types of web hosting solutions available in the market, any website owner can easily become frustrated and overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices. There are free and paid web hosting services; shared and dedicated hosting plans or the new technologies such as cloud hosting and virtual private servers (VPS). When you are not sure about which way to go or you do not have the required time and resources to manage a high traffic website, then the best way is to leave everything to website hosting companies by opting for efficient managed web hosting services.

What exactly are managed web hosting services?

In layman’s terms, managed web hosting is when the web host takes care of all the operations and requirements of your server or website while you concentrate on your core business. Some people equate managed web hosting with dedicated hosting. However, managed web hosting is much more than dedicated hosting as it takes care of a number of crucial things for a website owner. Therefore, you can apply this term to other highly efficient forms of hosting services such as VPS, cloud hosting, managed shared-hosting and co-location, as long as the host provides all the features of managed web hosting plans.

What is normally included in managed web hosting services?

Actually, managed web hosting services provide you a number of additional features at a little bit of extra cost. Most of the services are included in the package itself, but you can also avail individual services. Some of the common features of managed web hosting services are:

  • Server monitoring
  • On call maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Software and Hardware upgrades
  • Software installation
  • Data Security
  • Backup services
  • Control Panel setup

These are, in fact, the most crucial features that should be present in all the managed web hosting services. Some of the exceptional web service providers such as Tall Duck Web Services also provide other excellent features such as Secure Cloud Data Storage, and Nightly Backups.

What are the benefits of managed web hosting services?

There are a number of advantages of managed web hosting. At a bit of extra cost, these advantages make managed hosting a great value. An example of the benefits of managed web hosting is: If you own a business and you don’t have the required professional IT staff to manage the functionality of your website, managed web hosting will take care of your website, business email, and storage for a fraction of the cost of hiring dedicated IT staff. Managed web hosting services will do all the hard work for you. 

  • If you own a website, you will realize that normally web hosting companies will seem really cheap, but lack in areas of support, speed, and up time. However, with managed web hosting, you will get the complete package with guaranteed satisfaction; and peace of mind that your data is safe-and-sound.
  • With managed web hosting, you will get much better security and performance because of the cutting-edge technology available through the provider. This will ensures that your website will be available to your customers at all times, which can be crucial to your business.
  • The best thing about managed hosting services is that their customer care services are available 24/7.  This will guarantee you timely action in case you face any problem with your website.

Tall Duck Web Services guarantees your satisfaction with our hosting. If you are dissatisfied, we will help you move to another host of your choice. Even if your server is not within our preferred Data Centers, we will be glad to manage them for you. Check out our Hosting Offerings today!